Seth Rollins Beats The Fiend Clean After Raw Goes Off Air


It is official… WWE doesn’t know what they are doing with the best thing they have going for them. The Fiend, who is currently considered by fans to be one of the best things in wrestling right now, lost clean to Seth Rollins in a steel cage match after Monday Night Raw went off air. How to easily kill a character in front of an entire crowd.

Last night after Monday Night Raw, fans in attendance were treated to another dark match featuring the monster known as The Fiend (Bray Wyatt) and Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

Fans complained about the match saying that it was only 5 minutes long (which isn’t a bad thing), Seth Rollins beat him clean, and the annoying red lights were on for the entirety of the match. After delivering multiple Curb Stomps, Seth bailed, climbing the cage and getting the victory. After the match, Seth was then attacked by The Fiend using the the Mandible Claw.

I’ve stated it before, WWE threw The Fiend into the title picture way to early and they refuse to make Seth look weak, so what do they do? They turn their most interesting and newest product into a dumpster fire. Luckily, Bray Wyatt is so talented as an athlete and character that The Fiend isn’t completely ruined, but the future does look worrisome.

I hope WWE has an end plan for all this.

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