Samurai Jack Video Game Announced For Switch, PC, Playstation, and Xbox

Japanese developer, Soleil Games, has teamed up with Adult Swim to produce a video game about everyone’s favorite samurai from the past… Samurai Jack, in the new game “Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time“.

The script was written by series head writer Darrick Bachman, and will take place before Jack’s final confrontation and battle with the evil shapeshifting master of darkness, Aku. The game will put you in the role as the titular character as he battles through multiple timelines and eras on his way to face Aku.

The gameplay itself will be a hack and slash games loaded with a variety of weapons, both ranged and melee, for you and Jack to use at your disposal.

Known for their games such as the “Dead or Alive” series and the “Ninja Gaiden” series, Soleil Games has worked hard to recapture the same art style of Gennedy Tartakovsky, and somehow put it into 3D.

Samurai Jack series creator Genndy Tartakovsky and head writer Darrick Bachman will be at PAX East for Adult Swim Games’ panel on Friday, February 28 where they will reveal more details about the project.

And if you would like, you can check out our interview with the voice behind Samurai Jack, Phil Lamarr, right after the show had ended by clicking here.

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