Salvador Dali Brings Us Down The Rabbit Hole With ‘Alice In Wonderland’

And I Thought The Story Was Trippy…

Acclaimed and iconic artist Salvador Dali had the pleasure during his lifetime to illustrate some legendary literature. As we’ve previously talked about, Dali‘s artistry for the 700th anniversary of Dante’s Inferno left many people astounded and angry. Now it is time to tackle one of his most infamous ventures into classic stories, Lewis Carroll‘s ‘Adventures of Alice In Wonderland‘.

In 1969, Salvador Dali was asked to produce artwork for a special edition of ‘Adventures In Wonderland‘. He had twelve heliogravures made of the original gouaches for each of the book’s twelve chapters along with one engraving for the frontispiece. The artwork is distinctly Dali and although they’re beautiful, the pieces sometimes seem to stray from the story line. Nevertheless, his artwork for ‘Adventures of Alice In Wonderland‘ is still beautiful and bold. Check out the riveting pieces below along with the segments in which they appear!

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