Ryan Reynolds’ “Clue” Remake Is Looking At Muppets Director

One of the very few board game related films to actually be somewhat successful is that of the 1985 version of “Clue“. A fun murder mystery cult classic with multiple endings, “Clue” is a film the whole family can enjoy, and it looks as though Ryan Reynolds’ (Deapool) is looking to try and recapture that magic by bringing on the director of “Muppets Most Wanted“, James Bobin.

From what The Hollywood Reporter suggests, Reynolds is looking to bring Bobin onto the project after the previous director, Jason Bateman, had some scheduling conflicts with his Netflix series “Ozark“.

Set to be produced by the film division of the toy company Hasbro, Allspark Pictures, and Reynolds own Maximum Effort Production label, the film is still waiting on a script from “Deadpool” writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

So far it is unknown how closely this film will resemble its 1985 counterpart. In 1985 when the cult classic film was released, it featured multiple endings shown at different theatres across the nation, it wasn’t until the home release where you got to see all the endings spliced together. And it is unknown whether or not this film will try to copy what its predecessor did or if it will try to forge its own path of crazy/fun antics.

What do you think of Ryan Reynolds’ “Clue” reboot? Do you think it will be any good? Or do you think board game films should’ve began and died with the 1985 version? Let us know by leaving a comment down below or contacting us at Facebook/Twitter.

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