Rumors Of Two More Villains Added To Matt Reeves’ Batman Film

Who knows what is going on with Matt Reeves’ Batman film. It seems as though Warner Bros. and DC Comics don’t know which characters they want in their new Batman film. First we get reports of 4 villains, and now we get reports of 6 villains. Is that overkill for people to go up against Gotham’s Dark Knight?

The first new entry into Batman’s cinematic rogue’s gallery is more of an obscure character, although a very interesting one at that. Welcome to wonderland because the Mad Hatter joins the team. An interesting choice to say the least, the Mad Hatter is a great character and if explored in the right way, he could become a serious player for Batman. I’m hoping they transform him into a psychopathic serial killer, in a similar way to what they did with Calendar Man in “Batman: The Long Halloween” (a great comic and highly recommended).

The second and final character to enter the film, potentially, is one that has been in two different Batman films. Which is somewhat coincidental that he has been in two films, because the second one is Harvey Dent aka Two-Face.

I’m not sure how I feel about this information, yet some of the choices interest me and I would like to see their characters expanded upon in a new medium. Some of these choices also add a breath of fresh air that takes away from the constant Joker vs Batman fights we see. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Joker and I love Batman, but he has so many other villains that need to be explored. Besides, is 6 villains to many?

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