Rob Van Dam Discusses AEW VS WWE And Where Impact! Lies Within Their Rivalry

We had the pleasure to interview the amazing Mr. Monday night, the Whole F’n Show himself… Rob Van Dam at Wizard World Chicago 2019 where we discuss the new wars between WWE and AEW, Impact!, the legacy of ECW and how Vince McMahon tried to kill it.

I also had the pleasure to discuss off camera with the man known as the whole F’n show. He spoke about how his favorite person to work with is a close friend of his… Sabu. Rob went into detail saying that Sabu and him just synced. They knew what worked, they knew how to get it, and they thrived off of each others energy. He then says, “only problem is sometimes you don’t remember that in the ring”.

Check out the interview below:

Pictures By: Amber Heiser

Video By: Matthew Heiser

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