Ric Flair In Another Lawsuit… Against Shakespeare?

Once again, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is involved in yet another legal dispute. Although, this time is rather interesting. “The Man” is going up against someone who is considered the greatest playwright of all time… none other than William Shakespeare.

Coming at rather unfortunate time for Ric Flair, the estate of Willaim Shakespeare claims that Flair is plagiarizing the term “woo” which was best known for the use in the writers love tales. With such lines as, “Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably.” Or, “And woo her with some spirit when she comes.” Shakespeare’s estate believes that Flair is bastardizing the term.

Seeming as the wrestler has been using the term for over 40 years now, it is rather interesting that this lawsuit has popped up only recently. It is also interesting that this lawsuit is popping up during a time where Ric Flair is attempting to copyright the term “The Man”, and take threatens legal action if the WWE uses it.

Tell us what you think in the comments down below. Is this way to ridiculous to call it plagiarizing for a man who’s been dead for over 400 years? Or do you think there is some basis to this statement? Let us know.

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