Rian Johnson Wants To Direct An Episode Of “The Mandalorian”

So far it seems nearly everyone is enjoying “The Mandalorian“, with a significant amount of people stating it be the best thing that Disney has produced since picking up the license. Yet, it seems some people aren’t so happy with a potential director for an episode in season 2 of the show.

Rian Johnson, director of the most divisive (yet not the worst) Star Wars film to date, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi“, said he would direct an episode of the “The Mandalorian” in “a heartbeat”.

Johnson has spoken in the past about directing another film before attempting to make another Star Wars film. And now since he has finished the film “Knives Out“, featuring Daniel Craig, it seems he is ready to throw his hat back in the ring.

It is said that Rian is set to create an all new trilogy in the Star Wars universe, yet when that will happen is unknown as of this time.

So far, the two directors set up for season 2 of the new hit show on Disney+ are Jon Favreau and Carl Weathers, yet it may be revealed that Johnson could become director number 3 for the next season. But it is unknown as of this time and season 1 has even finished releasing yet.

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