Rian Johnson Ousted From Star Wars And Lucasfilms?

Rumors are abound as to what the future to the Star Wars franchise is going to like. Will there be more trilogies? Will there be more spin-offs? Will there be more money milking from Disney? No one knows, but one rumor that is currently making the rounds is that of director Rian Johnson being reportedly out from Disney and Lucasfilm‘s future Star Wars plans.

The director Rian Johnson, known for directing the most divisive Star Wars film to date, is supposedly been kicked off any future Star Wars endeavors. This rumor comes from Cosmic Book News, and the YouTube channel Lords of Longbox, who recently got the scoop on the HBOGreen Lantern” series correct.

This follows the confirmation that there no active Star Wars films in production, and the departure of the Game of Thrones writers, who are no longer involved with any project involving the brand.

The reasoning behind Rian Johnson’s departure from Disney and Lucasfilm, is thought to be because Disney didn’t like his vision. CEO Bob Iger may have not liked where Rian was going with his ideas and that they may have wanted to stay with the core principles of Star Wars, as to not anger anymore of the hardcore fan-base, which is already pretty upset.

Rumors are also circulating that Kevin Feige may be taking over Lucasfilms and that Kathleen Kennedy may be stepping down in the near future. Nevertheless, this is all speculation at this point, and no confirmation has been made.

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