Recap: The Following, 2×12, “Betrayal”

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Revenge is a dish best served cold… 

Last week ended with a shocked Ryan finding out Claire has been alive along. Despite showing up at his apartment also looking to seek revenge on her ex, Ryan will not be deterred though and stays on track in his search for Joe.

Masked chaos at the Fraternity on The Following 2x12, "Betrayal"
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After viewing Pastor Tanner on TV attacking Joe and his followers, Joe finds a new obsession and sends his crew consisting of Robert, Lucas, Tilda to New York to deliver a video message for Carrie with instructions for her to play on the news. Their mission brings them to a College to kidnap Tanner’s son Preston. As they wreak havoc on the frat house, Lucas and Tilda find pleasure in killing Preston’s roommate and his girlfriend then gluing masks on all fraternity to cause confusion for anyone who walks in.

Carrie Cooke (Sprague Grayden) is told to deliver a message from Joe's new followers on The Following S2x12, "Betrayal"

Carrie turns the video over to Ryan with a promise not to air it until she hears from him. Ryan then plays the video for Claire and they come to the conclusion Joe’s next target is Pastor Tanner or, upon researching the bible quotes that Joe uses, it may be the pastor’s son Preston.

Instead of going to the FBI, Claire insists they should go to Preston’s college in Connecticut together. Ryan dupes Claire by leaving her behind with Max as her babysitter while he and Mike go alone. Poor Mike can’t apologize enough about lying to Ryan about Claire’s death.

Ryan (Kevin Bacon) and Claire (Natalie Zea) reunite on The Following 2x12, "Betrayal'"

I don’t know if you want to call it sad or just plain silly that Mandy actually thought leaving Joe for Lily was a smart move. Once picked up by Mark, he starts interrogating her about Joe’s whereabouts, she remains loyal though and refuses to give up his location. After arriving at one of Lily’s homes, Lily threatens Mandy to reveal where Joe is and again Mandy refuses. It doesn’t take long for Mandy to realize her life is in danger when Luke and Mark start torturing her while playing a game of truth or dare.

Mandy (Tiffany Boone) awaiting the arrival of Lily (Connie Nielsen) on The Following 2x12, "Betrayal"

Emma realizes Mandy has flown the coup and, after looking at the browser history on the computer, Joe realizes where Mandy has gone and calls Lily despite protests from Emma who’s in fear of it being traced. Lily then gives Joe an ultimatum that he comes to her or Mandy dies. Joe, choosing the latter, says goodbye to his little “mouse” and hangs up. He later blames Emma by telling her she didn’t try hard enough to be nice to Mandy. We later find out, as Lily, Luke, and Mark enjoy dessert at the dinner table, where the twins get their love for interacting with dead bodies as the camera pans to the other end of the table where you see a now dead Mandy sitting tied to the chair.

Joe (James Purefoy) mourns the impending death of Mandy (Tiffany Boone) on The Following 2x12, "Betrayal"

Ryan and Mike arrive at the frat house where they encounter a room full of masked people and realize it’s a setup to confuse them. Lucas, also donning a mask, attacks Mike and is shot and killed much to Tilda’s dismay. She and Robert escape with Preston and head back to Korban not realizing Ryan is following them.

After leaving Mike behind to deal with the FBI, Ryan calls him and tells him he’s not mad at him about keeping the secret of Claire being alive.  He tells him to take care of Max and Claire. After he hangs up, he throws his phone out the window, enters Korban, and hides behind a tree as he watches Tilda and Robert present Preston to Joe.

Later, Carrie arrives at Ryan’s apartment to apologize for not waiting to air Joe’s video and questions Mike and Max about where Ryan is. After being told he is in pursuit of Joe, Carrie gets the shock of her life as Claire reveals herself with her own plan to draw Joe out.

Here’s for hoping next week finally brings about the Ryan/Joe reunion we have all been waiting for! With Lily closing in, Joe better start praying his new followers will be as faithful as his old ones because something tells me Camp Korban is about to get crowded.

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