Ryan surveys the scene at a Brooklyn Restaurant in The Following S2X10 "Teacher's Pet"

Recap: The Following 2×10, “Teacher’s Pet”

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Last week on The Following, many viewers were surprised to find out that Claire was indeed alive and now in Witness Protection. Damn that Shawn Ashmore (Mike) and his on cue crying. I get it is his job to protect Claire and you could see on his face that it killed him lying to Ryan. Which in the end had its own positive spin. Ryan is now clean, sober, and healthier than he’s been in years. Granted he did it for the most part due to his obsession to track down Joe Carroll himself and kill him.

Episode 10 began with Mike filling Claire in on Joe’s coming back from the dead, Lilly Gray, and of course Ryan after which she tells Mike she wants to find and kill Joe herself. I get it.  The man has done nothing but wreak havoc to destroy her life down to finally trying to murder her. What I don’t get is through all of season one this woman went through hell and back to get her son Little Joey back from Joe and his acolytes who kidnapped him, and now she allows for him to go into witness protection with her mother. Really? She’s married to a psychopath, the FBI has failed to keep either of them safe, and Joe’s followers are still out there. I would not let that boy out of my sight. Sorry, no one can protect a child like a mother can.

Mike (Shawn Ashmore) visits Claire (Natalie Zea) in witness protection in The Following 2x10 "Teacher's Pet"
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“No Redemption Without Blood” was the theme of this week’s episode where Joe shows just how good of a psychopath he is. Now that Micah and Julia are gone, he has a lot of convincing to do at Camp Korban and does so by giving lots of sermons to gain the trust of the cult followers in order to build his holy army of warriors. Emma who is now top dog is loving it while Mandy is finally getting a clue that there is something very wrong going on in “Camp Joe.”

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) teaching his gatherers there is "No Redemption Without Blood" in The Following 2x10 "Teacher's Pet"
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He sets his army of warriors to spread the message of holy redemption and wreak havoc on the city by killing random victims. By army I mean the group of psychos that Micah kept in isolation to spread the message. Four go out, and only two make it back including Lance’s girlfriend Mallory (Emily Kinney, The Walking Dead), ending with a showdown at a Brooklyn restaurant.

Mallory (Emily Kinney) getting ready to kill at a Brooklyn restaurant in The Following 2x10 "Teacher's Pet"
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After sending the group to kill, Joe decides to start weeding out the skeptical followers of his teaching. Sadly he drives home his point in true sociopathic form at the cost of killing an innocent cat. The skeptical ones are then put into isolation. Once the two Lucas and Tilda return, Joe celebrates by anointing them with his own blood, stating a job well done.

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) weeding out the skeptical followers in The Following 2x10 "Teacher's Pet"
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After a night with Carrie Cooke, Ryan heads over to FBI headquarters to question Dr. Strauss, the man who trained Joe. And we learn through flashbacks of a young Joe “the psychopath” in training, I couldn’t help but wonder if they dubbed James Purefoy’s voice on the teenager portraying him. Afterward, Ryan comes up with a plan to draw Joe out and asks Carrie to announce on TV that Strauss has been arrested and is currently cooperating with authorities in hopes that Joe will call Janna’s phone that Mike took after she killed herself. The plan works. Joe calls the phone and is surprised to hear Ryan’s voice on the other end. It takes a moment for Joe to gain his composure, and he taunts Ryan on his new cult and their holy plans upon hanging up.  Despite the length of the conversation, the FBI is unable to trace the call. Angry that Ryan seems to be getting closer, Joe throws his phone and breaks it. We all know when Joe’s unhappy no one around him is safe.

The problem with Joe when it comes to Ryan is the obsession is mutual and psychopaths have impulse control problems and end up giving away too much information. Ryan is a “trigger” for Joe and he tends to brag too much and by doing so giving away too much information.  Ryan uses that information and heads to the restaurant in Brooklyn where Mallory and another group member Patrick go to make their kill. As Mallory attempts to kill a woman in the bathroom, the woman fights back and escapes. Turns out Mike, Ryan, and the FBI are already in the restaurant where Ryan successfully talks down Mallory who Patrick kills forcing Ryan to shoot and kill him. So close…again.

Ryan (Kevin Bacon) surveys the scene at a Brooklyn Restaurant in The Following 2x10 "Teacher's Pet"
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The episode ends with Claire now knowing Joe is alive and on a murder spree and deciding that she wants to leave witness protection and go to New York to help Ryan.  This is all against the urging of Mike and the authorities telling her she must stay in hiding. I’m looking forward to that reunion with Ryan and the can of worms that’s going to open with everyone involved.

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