Recap: Hannibal 2×10, “Naka-Choko”

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In this week’s Hannibal, Will may or may not have dabbled in this whole people meat thing.

[Please see this post for a list of trigger warnings for this episode.]

We begin with a rewind to last week when Randall Tier crashes through Will’s living room window in a cave bear suit and attacks Will.  Will projects wendigo!Hannibal onto Randall then beats him to death with his hands.  We catch up with the end of last week’s episode when Will shows up at Hannibal’s house with Randall splayed and super dead on Hannibal’s table.  Will continues his figurative seduction of Hannibal by whispering about how killing Randall thrilled him as Hannibal washes the blood from Will’s hands and smirks.
Meanwhile, Jack comes face to face with the recently deceased Randall Tier because Will cut him up into pieces and grafted him into one of the cave bear fossil skeletons Randall so lovingly put together.  Jack seems equal parts disturbed and exasperated.

Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) looks upon Randall Tier's (Mark O'Brien) cave bear corpse in Hannibal 2x10, "Naka-Choko"
“I don’t get paid enough for this shit.”

Will and Hannibal arrive on the scene later to give Jack the details on what went down here.  Jack levels some uncomfortable and suspicious squinty eyes at Will as he tells Jack that Randall’s murderer honored Randall by turning Randall into what he actually believed himself to be.  His double talk about the motives of Randall’s murderer and the potential of that murderer to commit more violence seems to please Hannibal as much as it annoys Jack.
Later, Will visits Freddie Lounds who now realizes that Hannibal’s funky and probably killed Abagail.  We get a brief shot of Bedelia on her Wall O’ Investigative journalism.  She calls Will out on his continued association with Hannibal and vows that she won’t let Abagail’s disappearance go.  Will says he feels the same way.  You know, Freddie certainly possesses questionable morals at best, but in this instance she’s driven by more than just fame and fortune (not that I can blame her for that).  But, she’s driven by a sense of justice for Abagail, and it’s a great use of her character.
In the meantime, Margot’s back for another course in Hannibal’s Serial Killer Seminar and discusses her brother, Mason, with Hannibal.  Hannibal continues to encourage Margot to murder Mason and be done with it.  She says it’s not that easy because Mason’s the heir to the family fortune, and she’s cut out of the line of succession because she’s not a man.  She needs a male heir.  Hannibal pretty much ignores that to lecture Margot that she can’t kill her brother until she lets go of any bit of love she has for him because love screws up everything including murderous plans.  Me thinks Hannibal’s talking about himself and Will just a little.
Margot returns to her home only to come face to face with Mason who, in a ridiculously expensive coat with fur trim, goes on at length about breeding and training his pigs to eat people.  Evidently, the Vergers made their fortune as pig breeders?  Pig farmers?  It’s not entirely clear, but that doesn’t matter right now because Mason gives Margot a demonstration using, essentially, a bag of meat clothed in Margot’s clothes, sprayed with her scent, and enhanced with audio of her screams.
Later, Hannibal sexually assaults Alana again, and I’m over it, so moving right past that to Margot showing up on Will’s door for a little horizontal throw down of their own.  Will makes a transmisogynistic, cissexist comment about not “having the right parts for [Margot’s] proclivities”, because he would, right before they get down to business.  I’m not sure what Fuller’s playing at just yet, but whatever, show.

Freddie catches up with Alana the next day and spills that she suspects Will has joined Hannibal to become some kind of serial killing mecha.  Alana says she’s not here for Freddie’s accusations, but she clearly knows something’s off about Hannibal and Will’s renewed friendship.
Meanwhile, Hannibal visits with Mason Verger to passive aggressively threaten him about Margot and all she’s told him about Mason and to stir up trouble between the two.  Mason nervous laughs a lot and offers up a suckling pig to Hannibal as a gift right after he makes the mistake of asking Hannibal if he has a sister.  Spoiler alert: he did.

Hannibal, Will, and Alana dine on said suckling pig that night as Alana all but flat out says that there’s something weird going on with Hannibal and Will.  Hannibal and Will do an awful job of playing off Alana’s concerns, but Alana does go on to drop that Freddie Lounds told Alana about her suspicions.  Why would you do that, Alana?  Freddie better run off to wherever Bedelia disappeared and soon.
Freddie elects not to listen to me and instead goes snooping around Will’s property.  That woman is nothing if not tenacious.  She almost immediately stumbles upon Randall’s remains and a cave bear fossil skeleton in Will’s shed because he evidently picked up no tips from Hannibal on how to be discreet about murdering and butchering people.  Horrified, she yanks out her phone and dials Jack!  No, just kidding again; she yanks out her camera to snap a few pics.  Given that evidence seems to disappear around these parts pretty fast, that’s probably not her worst idea.
Unfortunately, Will catches her in the act.  He insists that he can explain everything, but Freddie’s not really in a listening mood and shoots at him before running for her car and dialing Jack.  Just as she starts her car, Will drags her out of the window to places unknown.  It seems pretty clear that Will dragged her off and stashed her somewhere in order to fool Hannibal and, possibly, Jack into believing that Will killed her.  At least, here’s to hoping Fuller hasn’t fridged another woman for the sake of Will and Hannibal’s boring frenemy narrative.

Screencap of Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) in Hannibal 2x10, "Naka-Choko" from Bryan Fuller's Twitter
Still, it’s nice that Fuller took time from his busy schedule to mock women fans who expressed concern about his dispatch of Beverly. What a champ. | Source

Later, Jack plays back Freddie screaming on his voicemail for Will, Hannibal, and Alana.  Alana and Jack don’t seem to buy Will’s story that he wasn’t at home when this went down, and he has no idea who snatched Freddie from his property.  Even Hannibal seems to have nothing when Jack points out a hole in Will’s story.  Still, Jack’s got nothing, so Will and Hannibal leave to enjoy what Hannibal believes is a choice cut of Ms. Lounds presented by Will.  They have another, another, another loaded conversation over dinner, and the show shoots it super intimately with romantic music, a fire in the fire place, and shots of Hannibal making heart eyes at Will.  It’s all pretty gross.
Next week:  Hannibal wants all the deets about Freddie’s supposed murder; Margot may have had sex with Will to get an heir (ugh) because she’s knocked up; Will gives Alana a gun; Alana and Jack argue about what’s up with Will and Hannibal; Someone’s been lit on fire and tied to a wheelchair, and I hope it’s not Freddie.

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