Hedig performs for an awaiting audience in GRIMM S3 E16 "The Show Must Go On"

Recap: Grimm 3×16, “The Show Must Go On”

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“Under such conditions, whatever is evil in men’s natures comes to the front.”

The carnival comes to town, Carnival Metamorphosia to be exact. Inside the main tent ringmaster Hedig (Carlo Rota) tells the audience that “there are monsters living among you,” as he pulls out a gun and shoots Maxmillian Robbins (Sam Witwer) as he escapes his cage. The carnival, as it turns out, showcases woged Wesen which we know is a big no no in the Wesen world. After the death of two girls who attended the carnival the previous night, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) decide to pay the carnival a visit and arrive at the tent in time to see Hedig introducing a performer named Damien (Jarrod Zinn), who transforms into a fire breathing Damonfeuer, followed by Ivan (Bradley Hollibaugh), a Siegbarste and Genevieve (Chryssie Whitehead), as a Fuchsbau. Heidg saves the best for last as he unveils Max, locked in a cage, whipping it until Max Woges into his Blutbad form and escapes the cage only to be shot again by Hedig and taken away as the unsuspecting crowd applauds.

Hedig (Carlo Rota) performs for an awaiting  carnival audience in GRIMM 3x16, "The Show Must Go On"
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Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner), invite Nick and Juliette  (Bitsie Tulloch) over for dinner and tell them that they’re going to hold their wedding in the woods.  When Juliette offers to help, Monroe gets down to business and tells Nick that if hadn’t been for him, he would never have met Rosalee and would love to have him as his best man. Nick immediately agree. Rosalee then asks Juliette to be her maid of honor. Juliette excitedly accepts and they share a toast to celebrate.

Nick (David Giuntoli), Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) celebrating the upcoming wedding of Monroe & Rosalee (Bree Turner) in GRIMM 3x16, "The Show Must Go On"
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Nick wakes up from a nightmare Rosalee and Monroe’s wedding, where everyone starts Woging, forcing him to kill them. He tells Juliette that he fears now that he can’t be the best man, and Juliette tells him that he should just be honest and tell Monroe.

After the show Max has a disagreement with Hedig about letting him into the audience and Hedig lets it be known to all the Wesen whose boss. Nick and Hank come in and question Hedig about the two dead girls and the show. Hedig explains that he bought the show 10 years and it is based merely illusions and magic and will be to provide employee records. As they leave Nick notices Max’s eyes glowing red as he Woges and quickly gains control of himself. In the dressing room Genevieve asks Max if he did it Max says that he doesn’t remember and tries to leave, bottle of booze in hand. Genevieve takes his bottle and smashes causing him to Woge and slapping her to the floor where she cuts her leg on a piece of glass. Hedig and his men come in hearing the commotion and a now upset human Max tries to leave and is restrained and is warned by Hedig that he’ll ruin them all. He then tells his men to find a replacement for the injured Genevieve.

Genevieve (Chryssie Whitehead) and Max (Sam Witwer) argue about leaving the carnival in GRIMM S3 E16 "The Show Must Go On"
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Back at Rosalee’s Apothecary, Monroe and Rosalee explain to Nick and Hank that although Wesen Carnivals are frowned upon they are not illegal and the Council does not get involved since it doesn’t violate the Code of Swabia and it is recommended that local Wesen are supposed provide an intervention due to the danger of the Umkippen,which in lame man’s terms means after continuous forced Woging the Wesen side takes over taking away their humanity.

After the detectives leave Rosalee and Monroe decide to do some undercover work before they involve.  Once they arrive at the carnival one of Hedig’s men comes over and assumes that Rosalee is there to audition and leads her to the tent telling Monroe to wait outside. Inside, the ringmaster likes what he sees and Rosalee is hired and told she will be starting that night.

Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) goes undercover at the carnival in GRIMM 3x16 "The Show Must Go On"
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Rosalee is taken to Genevieve’s tent where she is told to get the newcomer ready. Once alone, Genevieve warns Rosalee that she should leave while she can. Rosalee takes this moment and asks if she knows anything about the Umkippen. Genevieve admits that they’re all suffering from the Umkippen and tells her that Max is her boyfriend and he is suffering the most. She admits she’s scared, but tells Rosalee to get dressed and leaves her to her privacy. Monroe sneaks in and Rosalee tells him what she’s learned and that Max is responsible. He ducks out just in time as Sid arrives telling her she’s on in 10.

In the main tent Hedig notifies Max that Rosalee will be filling for Genevieve causing Max to lose his temper and start woging. Hedig himself woges into a Lowen where he then reminds Max that he’s been cleaning up after him and he can treat him anyway he wants and that is was he who stopped the girls from calling the cops, and orders everyone to get on with the show. Shocked Max realizes that it was Hedig not him who killed them.

Monroe, realizing they are way over their heads, calls Nick and tells him that they’re at the carnival. Nick tells him to get the hell out of there and Monroe tells Nick that Rosalee is now part of the show, and that Max is the killer. Nick tells him they are on their way. Once the show starts, Monroe goes in and watches in horror at what’s going on as Hedig cracks his whip at Rosalee telling her to transform. Nick and Hank pull up as Hedig tells Rosalee to transform. Max, watching from his cage, loses it and transforms.  He breaks out and starts attacking fellow Weson. Hedig tries to stop Max but is thrown aside and as he advances on Rosalee, Monroe transforms into a blutbad himself and attacks Max beating him unconscious. Rosalee tells him to get hold of himself, and once Max transforms back to human form, Rosalee assures him that he’ll be okay. Nick and Hank arrive in time to see Hedig Woge and he recognizes Nick as a Grimm and flees to the funhouse where Genevieve, Ivan, and Damien confront him. Hedig tells them that a Grimm is on his way, not caring they vow to make him pay for framing one of their own. The three performers Woge and attack the ringleader.

A caged Max (Sam Witwer) woging as a Blutbad ready to attack in GRIMM 3x16 "The Show Must Go On"
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Back at the station Nick and Hank show Renard (Sasha Roiz) a photo of Hedig’s corpse and the captain tells them that the case is closed due to lack of evidence.

At the carnival Rosalee recommends a place where Max can get treatment but Genevieve assures them that Max will get the help he needs. Thanking them for their help she, with the others, leaves with Max is on the back of a truck, still in a cage.

That night, Rosalee surprises Monroe wearing the costume from the carnival and tells him that they’re not going to bed yet.

Rosalee (Bree Turner) donning her carnival costume in the bedroom in GRIMM 3x16 "The Show Must Go On"
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Meanwhile in the Swiss Alps, Viktor (Alexis Denisof) leads a team of Verrat hunters still searching for Meisner (Damien Puckler), Adalind (Claire Coffee), and her baby. Meisner brings Adalind to where Sebastien (Christian Lagadec) dropped them off and tells her to stay behind as he draws his gun as he checks the two vehicles Verrat drove there and finds a tortured Sebastien in the back of one of the vehicles. One of Verrat’s soldier arrives and orders Meisner at gunpoint to drop his gun. As Meisner is about to do so the soldier turns and points the gun to his own head and shoots himself as a now Woged Hexenbiest Adalind watches. Sebastien then tells them they must leave immediately knowing Verrat will have heard the shots, and asks for the dead man’s gun, which Meisner hands and along with Adalind and the baby they get in the car and leave, telling Adalind that Sebastien is doing what he has to do.

Meisner (Damien Puckler) going in for the kill in GRIMM 3x16 "The Show Must Go On"
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Meisner drives Adalind and the baby to Zurich, Renard calls with coordinates telling Meisner that Tavitian has found transport for Adalind and the baby. Upon hearing the news, Adalind asks if Meisner is coming with them and he says that his fight is there.

Adalind (Claire Coffee) protecting her baby in GRIMM 3x16 "The Show Must Go On"
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As much as I love Sam Witwer and am happy to see him expand his wings beyond playing Aidan on Being Human, I had a hard time watching him as Max. Granted, I am used to seeing him as a vampire not a werewolf type as Blutbad, but he did not quite click with this role. He thrashed about the whole episode trying to find his footing. Maybe he was trying not to be compared to Aidan (sorry hun, I love Aidan), but  somewhere along it fell apart.

On a happier note, I was so excited to see Officer Wu (Reggie Lee) back on the job. I was worried they were going to write him off a few episodes and it was about time that Monroe and Rosalee expand their horizons and finally going on an adventure of their own, giving me my favorite quote of the evening:

Monroe: What?

Rosalee: It’s Max.

Monroe: Who’s Max?

Rosalee: From the show. He’s the one suffering from Umkippen.

Monroe: Oh, my god, why is it always the Blutbad? That is not cool.

Lastly, who did not laugh at the wedding cake from Nick’s nightmare with the figurine on top being Monroe as a Blutbatd and Rosalee as a Fuchsbau?

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