Rapper G-Eazy May Play The King In New Elvis Biopic

With the rise of biopic films about famous bands and musicians, there was no doubt that sooner or later there would be one about the legendary King, Elvis Presley. Currently in pre-production, the film had rumors spreading about last week about who would play the man with the blue suede shoes.

Actors such as Harry Styles, Miles Teller, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ansel Elgort have all had their names thrown around. But now, American rapper G-Eazy is said to be in talks for the role.

Supposedly the rapper has been in contact with Warner Bros. for a while now and has managed to even speak with Baz Luhrmann, director and producer of the film. It seems that Baz and the rapper actually spent some time together in June, where G-Eazy managed to express his utmost joy at the potential of playing Mr. Presley himself.

Although in pre-production, the rapper has some competition on playing Elvis Presley. With Harry Styles right on his heels, who knows who will get the role. Although he does somewhat/barely resemble Elvis himself, he definitely doesn’t have the same look or feel to fit the look of the man who changed Rock n’ Roll. But as said already, who knows? Maybe this is his chance at launching his acting career.

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