Rami Malek Joins The Cast Of James Bond 25?

With Daniel Craig coming back as the titular super spy that is James Bond, he must have a villain who’s world ending or terrorist plans he must stop. Enter “Bohemian Rhapsody” star, Rami Malek, who after a video message confirmed he will be the villain in the oncoming James Bond film.

As Daniel Craig’s fifth and final performance as the MI6 agent James Bond, he is set to go out with a bang in the new, still untitled film with the pre-production name, James Bond 25 (even though it will be the 26th film in the series). With more than 50 years worth of films and 12 actors playing the character of James Bond, the series is often seen as only being as good as its villains.

With Rami Malek’s video message saying, “I promise you all I will be making sure Mr. Bond won’t have an easy ride of it in this, his 25th outing”. You can tell that he is excited for the role. Looking forward to see what his characters master plan will be and how he will try ruining the life of the great James Bond in Daniel Craig’s final outing as the character, the movie is set for release in 2020 on April eighth.

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