“Rage 2” Review

One thing that can be stated immediately, is that you DO NOT need to have played “Rage” in order to understand or have fun with this game. Although the game can feel somewhat repetitive at some points, it is in no way not fun. Picking up where the original ended, 7 years ago, you don’t have much to pick up on unless you don’t understand the concept of an apocalyptic Earth.

The gameplay definitely takes some inspiration from other games such as “Far Cry”, “Borderlands” and id Softwares other works such as “Doom”. The game really holds a fast pace feel, not lingering in any gun fights or shoot outs that make it seem tedious in any way, which is a common problem with the first person shooter genre. The game also sports a somewhat “self-aware” feel, much like the “Borderlands” games do, although not amped up to the same degree. “Rage 2” also prevents the feeling of repetitiveness by allowing you to unlock new abilities that constantly changes up the way you play the game.

“Rage 2” doesn’t really sport any memorable moments in story or characters, with no character development at all through most of the game. What “Rage 2” does focus on is, gameplay. As discussed in the paragraph above, the gameplay is the most important part of the game, trying to create a fun game that creates memories through your choices in combat, rather than through intense storytelling. The game wants to put it’s action comedy and shoot first ask questions later mentality right in your face as soon as the game starts.

Overall, the game is really fun. Introducing new enemies and situations that challenge you and require you to fight with all your might, as well as showing its inspirations for where the genre of FPS came from. Producing enemies that actually are fun to fight and react in interesting ways, such as the Mad Max-esque bandits and raiders, “Rage 2” creates an exciting FPS single player experience that those who like gameplay over story can enjoy. The only problem I find with this game is the lack of memorable characters and story moments, I can tell you right now that I do not remember a single character’s name, but I can tell you I have tons of memories of how I killed raiders in fun ways.


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