Quentin Tarantino’s Magnum Opus: “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

Once again Quentin Tarantino alters history with his amazing take on a decade defining moment. “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” is one of, if not, the greatest Taratino films to date. Showing a massive amount of historic actors of the 60’s and 70’s all being played by amazing actors of today.

If you do not know by now, the film is about a washed up actor and his disgraced stunt man on their quest to become something again. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Rick Dalton, the washed up actor, and Brad Pitt plays Cliff Booth, the stunt man looking for work. The movie really shows what an ever changing industry full of entertainment is like, mess up once and you’re out, getting to old and you’re out, there really isn’t room for any error in the cutthroat world of entertainment.

Margot Robbie also stars in the film playing the famous actress Sharon Tate, throughout the film you start to wonder what her point in the film is, which is a little bit of a downside to the film, yet in the end the inclusion of her character makes absolute sense. If you don’t know you history, Sharon Tate was killed by followers of Charles Manson on his command, which plays a big part in the film, yet to leave out spoilers I won’t say how. It was interesting though to see how Tarantino plays around with history once again, similar to what he did with his film “Inglorious Bastards” which also starred Brad Pitt.

Although the film focuses on the psyche of Leonardo DiCaprio and how he is trying to handle the progression of irrelevance in the entertainment industry, the true star of the movie who steals the whole show is Brad Pitt. Playing an unbelievable bad ass, excuse the language, and guy who is just out to help his buddy, Brad Pitt probably puts on the performance of a lifetime as the happy-go-lucky laid back friend that everyone wants, while also being this amazing stuntman capable of going toe to toe with the legendary Bruce Lee (played by actor Mike Moh) on the set of the “Green Hornet” television show.

The actor who plays Bruce Lee, Mike Moh, also does an amazing job of showing the documented arrogance of the late actor. Know for his temper and arrogance as well as his unparalleled fighting skills, Mike Moh embodies the cockiness and intimidation that Bruce Lee emits. Bruce Lee also shows up periodically throughout the film, but is best seen in the scene between him and Brad Pitt.

The only, and biggest, complaint worth talking about is that the movie had no purpose to it. The film just followed the life of a has been actor up, until the very end of the movie. This way of story telling makes you start to think “what’s the point” throughout the film, but luckily for the film and the amazing direction of Tarantino, it didn’t matter if it had no point because it was a wild ride from beginning shot to closing scene. And if you don’t like most of the film, which is doubtable, the ending scene will make up for that. Giving host to a jaw-dropping smile induced scene of chaos that sums up the everything there is to know about Tarantio’s style of film making.


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