PWR BTTM…From The Top Of The World To Obscurity


In a matter of days, one of the most anticipated bands of the year has been wiped off the face of the earth. With sexual abuse scandals on the rise against band member Ben Hopkins, the band has been dropped by their record label, dropped by their management, their touring band members have left, and refunds for anyone who bought their new album Pageant have been issued.

Paste posted a lovely article last night about what happened, so for more info click the link. I’m here to talk about my disappointment in all of this. As someone who is part of the LGBTQ community and loves punk, rock, and metal, it’s kind of difficult to find a band with anyone that’s gay or queer that brings forth an amazing rock attitude and a jarring glam image. Basically all you have is Queen. I loved this band and wrote an article (which you can see here) on how I was really anticipating the release of Pageant and how the singles showed a new direction within the band when it came to production quality. Their recent show at SXSW was equally amazing. I finally had an artist I could relate to within the gay community and loved talking about it.

To sum all this up, I’m disappointed. I expected them to not use being gay or queer as an excuse to grope women. It’s uncomfortable to hear about this and equally uncomfortable to write. Also, why is it (as Paste pointed out) that other artists when these types of allegations arise, aren’t met with the same actions and criticisms? As if you couldn’t feel anymore pigeon holed within the gay community, this crap has to happen and it’s met with an immediate response? It’s disappointing. Hopefully someone can learn from this lesson. Hopefully.