Has it been 3 years already since the last episode of PSYCH titled “The Breakup” appeared on USA! Since its departure, USA has had more lows than highs, and I will tell you why! PSYCH, Burn Notice, The Dead Zone, and Monk were a HUGE reason for the USA Networks Characters Welcome!

Imagine then, my excitement when the rumor mill started churning a few days ago with…PSYCH THE MOVIE…all due to a comment Cary Elwes made at Indiana Comic Con.

Cary Elwes at Indiana Comic ConAccording to the Herald Bulletin, when the actor was asked for more clarity as to the true identity of his Canadian art thief character Pierre Despereaux, Elwes said, “It’s a good question, and I believe it all will be revealed in the film that we’re making this summer. We’re all reuniting in July to make some organized chaos.”


Well of course I had to do some digging and found out that a Production Weekly entry has listed a feature film called “Psych” as one of many productions to start shooting beginning in May in both San Francisco and Vancouver. Well, we all know in the last episode of PSYCH Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) joined Juliete (Maggie Lawson) and Chief Vick (Kirsten Nelson) in San Fransisco,  where an excited Shawn says they can open shop in San Francisco, but Vick says they already have a consultant, and he is in the kitchen “alphabetizing the cereal” meaning of course none other than Monk. Would have loved to actually see Tony Shaloub and who knows anything is possible in the land of film making!!!

As a huge fan of PSYCH (I own the bobbleheads, PSYCHS Guide to Crime Fighting For The Totally Unqualified, and of course every season on DVD, hell it is even the ringtone on my phone), I would be completely stoked if this became a reality. psych book


3 years ago, I did a PSYCH season finale in review, and I couldn’t help wondering how after eight years of laughs, movie quotes, amazing guest stars, snoopy dancing, fist bumps, the pineapple, the Blueberry, and the popular phrase “Suck It” would such an amazing show, find a way to wrap everything up in a way that make would fans happy. They succeeded by bringing both old and new together in a way only PSYCH could and if you “Agree To Disagree”, or “Have Heard It Both Ways” check  out PSYCH: The Final Season Reviewed and tell us your thoughts!

Meanwhile enjoy one of the many reasons we love PSYCH!

And don’t forget to order your PINEAPPLES!