‘Psych: The Movie’ Hits Us With A Surprise Ending…Sequel…Perhaps A Return In The Future…?

It’s Here…It’s finally here!!!


Has it already been 7 months since Shallow Graves Magazine got wind that PSYCH: The Movie would be taping in July. The Countdown is now 2 days people so get those pineapple slippers on and cozy on down and save that energy for fist boppings and snoopy dances and check out the latest news below…

TV Guide recently reported Psych: The Movie celebrates everything the original series was, from pineapples to puns to weird disguises. And just like the original series, the movie ends on a bit of a wild note that seems to hit the reset button on the premise we know and love.

Besides being a totally wacky, but wonderful way to feature an incredible guest appearance, the final two minutes will leave fans on a pretty great cliffhanger that perfectly tees up a potential movie sequel.

Naturally, we asked series creator Steve Franks whether the plan is to make said guest star a central role in the sequel — should it ever happen — and he confirmed that if USA gives them the go ahead, Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) will have their hands full dealing with the guest star full-time.

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