PlayStation CEO States That PS4 Owners Should Upgrade To PS5 ASAP

It seems as though the upcoming PlayStation 5 may be a little more affordable than previously thought. Although, the company has not released an exact price range for the new video game console, they have stated that they wish for most PlayStation users to upgrade as quick as possible.

In a recent earnings call for the company, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan discussed Sony’s upcoming strategy for the next console. They stated that the upcoming system will be released by the next holiday season and that the upgrade from PS4 to PS5 should be a “no-brainer”.

Ryan discussed how Sony and PlayStation plan for a large launch day and expect many gamers out there to pick themselves up a new system as soon as the PS5 is dropped.

Not much has truly been revealed, but it seems as though Sony and PlayStation are putting a lot of faith into their new toy. The system has a beautiful new design and improves upon features released with the PS4.

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