Play “The Outer Worlds” For Just $1?

Credited as one of, if not the best, role-playing game of 2019, “The Outer Worlds” is taking the world by storm. Every one wants to play this game created by the gaming company Obsidian, who developed the original “Fallout” games up until four… so you know… the good ones. So, lucky for you there is a way to play this game for cheap somewhat.

On average a new game is around $60 to buy, yet if you are a owner of an Xbox One or a PC it may not be with this trick. The trick is relatively well known and it is called an Xbox Games Pass.

“The Outer Worlds” is currently in the Xbox Game Library and if you have an Xbox Games Pass, it will be available to you as long as you have a subscription. And if you do not own the Xbox Games Pass, well lucky for you because Xbox is offering it to you for a single month for only $1.

Of course after the first month you will start having to pay $10 a month again for the Xbox Games Pass, but you will not need a month to finish “The Outer Worlds”. The game is roughly around 30 hours for the main story, which may seem a little to low, but it is worth it. The world is full of wonder and the game puts fun at the front line, ensuring you that you will have a blast through most of the missions and not want to put your controller or mouse down at the end of the day.

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