Petition For Shia LaBeouf To Play Jason Todd

This Is AMAZING!!!

I applaud this decision!!

Possibly one of the greatest things to happen, fans of DC have created a petition for Shia LaBeouf to be cast as Jason Todd aka Red Hood!

The petition is directed at Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns, and Ben Affleck to cast Shia LaBeouf as Jason Todd. I mean, David Ayer did confirm that it was Jason Todd’s suit in Batman v Superman that was vandalized and that Homer killed him, so of course that is going to have fans wondering If and when Red Hood will make an appearance.

Look at how awesomely he can stretch!!!!!

So, some people took LaBeouf’s advice and didn’t let their dreams be dreams. Head on over to for all the info and drop you John Hancock in the suggestion box! Don’t know if you should, maybe Shia can help you make the decision…