Part 2 Of 2: History of THEEE Halloween Mask!!

Yes, THEEEEEEE Halloween Mask…

shallow graves presents the 31 days of halloween

In our last segment of Halloween mask history, we here at Shallow Graves took a look into how this fun and frightening tradition came to be! However, there is one Halloween mask to rule them all and that mask is…

Yep, that’s the one…

Many horror fans may already know the interesting history of how the iconic mask came to be, but there’s always room for learning!

While the production of Halloween was underway in 1978, the prop’s department had one specific task that could really make or break the film. What would Michael Myers wear to carry out his murderous ways? Well, production designer Tommy Lee Wallace went out to find a few solutions. After choosing 4 different masks (an Emmet Kelly mask, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Richard Nixon) and many screen tests, the cast and crew decided upon the Captian Kirk mask due to its blank and emotionless features. Once some minor alterations were made like spray painting it white, making the eye holes larger, and frizzing out the hair, the infamous Michael Myers was born!

It’s strange to think that this was a choice…

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