Recap: Psych 8×10, “The Breakup”

Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) in the USA Network logo for PSYCH

This week marked an end of an era in television history. After 8 wonderful years PSYCH closed its Psychic Private Detective doors and said goodbye leaving us viewers sad but satisfied. Last week, I did a PSYCH season finale in review, and I couldn’t help wondering how after eight years of laughs, movie quotes, amazing guest stars, snoopy dancing, fist bumps, the pineapple, the Blueberry, and the popular phrase “Suck It” would such an amazing show find a way to wrap everything up in a way that make would fans happy. Well, let me tell you, not since the series finale of Burn Notice have I seen a more perfect ending. Continue reading Recap: Psych 8×10, “The Breakup”

Recap: The Following 2×10, “Teacher’s Pet”

The Following Logo
via FOX

Last week on The Following, many viewers were surprised to find out that Claire was indeed alive and now in Witness Protection. Damn that Shawn Ashmore (Mike) and his on cue crying. I get it is his job to protect Claire and you could see on his face that it killed him lying to Ryan. Which in the end had its own positive spin. Ryan is now clean, sober, and healthier than he’s been in years. Granted he did it for the most part due to his obsession to track down Joe Carroll himself and kill him. Continue reading Recap: The Following 2×10, “Teacher’s Pet”

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