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It’s all about comic book titans DC and Marvel today.

Your Daily News Bites & Other Cool S%!t – 3/9/14

Anne Rice, Marvel Comics, and Carrie Fisher all have exciting news today.

Recap: The Following 2×07, “Sacrifice”

Post for The Following

Monday night’s episode of The Following appropriately titled “Sacrifice” was not only surreal but I would say mentally disturbing, not to mention downright awesome!

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Following…WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! I would suggest you stop reading now. Otherwise Grissom has come out of the deep dark closet to write the recap! Enjoy! Continue reading Recap: The Following 2×07, “Sacrifice”

Recap: The Vampire Diaries S5:314, “No Exit”

Courtesy: The CW
Courtesy: The CW

The Vampire Diaries returned this week after a 2 week Olympic hiatus with a creepy opening out of a horror movie. As the camera panned over an old swing set to what looks like an abandoned farmhouse, it turns out Damon and Enzo have holed up after Wes injected Damon with a serum turning him into a vampire killer.  It has been 8 hours since Damon has last fed and Enzo, not wanting to be his next meal, has turned the man of the house into a vampire for Damon to feed. Upon awakening, Enzo greets the confused man by stating “You’re a vampire, congratulations” and force feeds the man a blood bag before Damon kills him and in a very “Ripper” style rips off his head. Continue reading Recap: The Vampire Diaries S5:314, “No Exit”

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