Friday, November 25th is upon us and no we are not talking about any black Friday deals here, but what we are talking about and all we have been talking about is the return of our gals, Lorelai, Rory, and Emily Gilmore. The Gilmore Girls are gracing our Netflix screens again after an awful NINE years of them being on hiatus. To celebrate we know you have your pop-tarts ready, the largest pizza EVER ordered and of course most importantly a COFFEE cup filled to the brim.

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Delicacies Jewelry, the first full-line of jewelry for epicureans – offers a coffee bean bracelet, however we are sorry to say Luke Danes’ is not going to be the one delivering it. The jewelry line also offers a ton of other “ingredients” they like to call them, including basil, carrot, chicken, chili and even a pineapple. We think all they are missing is a beautifully shaped diamond Pop-Tart necklace for those Gilmore Girl fanatics.

The coffee bean bracelet is the perfect way to show your true love to the Gilmore Girls. We have missed watching Rory and Lorelai sit an order a vat of coffee along side pancakes, eggs, bacon among other things we couldn’t even imagine eating in one sitting.

If you are working on any round up and or gift guides for the Lorelei and Rory’s in your life please consider Delicacies Jewelry’s Coffee Bean bracelet we know even Emily Gilmore would approve of!

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 About Delicacies Jewelry:

Delicacies Jewelry is the first full-line of jewelry for epicureans and features whole, simple ingredients. Carefully designed, crafted and created by Co-Founder and Designer Nicolle Nelson, each ingredient celebrates the natural beauty, mythology, simplicity and meaning ingrained in the food we eat.

In collaboration with chef Andrew Zimmern, Delicacies has created its own Chef’s Table, the brand’s conduit for charitable giving, which will feature four generous, well-known chefs each year to harness a shared love of food to fight hunger. Delicacies’ first Chef’s Table includes Chefs Marcus Samuelsson, Dominique Crenn, and Gavin Kaysen. Nelson explains, “At the perennial head of Delicacies’ Chef’s Table sits Andrew Zimmern: entrepreneur, chef, traveler, TV host, culinary thought leader — and someone we are honored to call a dear friend. Andrew curates our Chef’s Table, making our giving as impactful as possible.”

Through November 2016, every piece of Delicacies Jewelry purchased triggers a donation to Minneapolis-based Appetite for Change, Chef Gavin Kaysen’s (Spoon and Stable, Minneapolis) charity of choice. As of December 1, the featured chef and charity on the Delicacies Chef’s Table will change to Marcus Samuelsson (Red Rooster, Harlem). Samuelsson has chosen Three Goats as his charity to benefit.

The line’s inaugural twenty-piece bracelet collection, launched in late-2015, featured a selection of iconic ingredients including fruits and vegetables such as artichoke, carrot, corn, pepper, pineapple, onion and tomato; meat and dairy options of cow, pig, chicken, and egg; seafood selections of octopus, crab, and lobster; specialties like cacao and coffee bean; and spices and herbs including basil, ginger and chili pepper. The bracelets are available in two sizes: the original “Delicacies” size (5 mm wide) and a wider “Thick Cut” size (half-inch wide). Thick Cuts are available in natural, brown or black. Delicacies are available in natural, black, brown or white.

Additionally, Delicacies offers 14K yellow gold pendants, 14K yellow gold with diamond pendants, and an exclusive line of six 14K pave gold ingredients, in both yellow and white gold.

It’s simple. Wear generosity. Feed (your) humanity. Delicacies Dollars to fight hunger. Define yourself #whatsyouringredient?