“No Time To Die” Official Trailer And Character Posters

Daniel Craig‘s final soiree as the world’s most famous super spy, James Bond. In the release of the new official trailer for the latest film in the series, “No Time to Die“, we get to see what insane hijinx 007 and his comrades get into.

In the trailer we get to see, partially, what the famous James Bond is up against. Going head to head with a new dangerous villain (Rami Malek) who is armed with some of the world’s most high tech technology and weaponry.

The film seems to be a new action packed extravaganza that, if following the current trend of Daniel Craig James Bond films, will be an amazing film following a rather dull film.

And with the release of the new trailer comes the release of these awesome character posters:

Coming to theaters April 2nd (UK release) and April 8th (North American release), 2020, check out the trailer down below:

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