No More Piggy-Backing In Apex Legends

Respawn, the creators of the hit multiplayer game “Apex Legends“, will be cracking down on those players who don’t actually play the game. Utilizing a technique that requires absolutely no skill and no time to execute, Respawn finds “Piggy-Backing” to be an unfair way to play the game.

A video game term, Piggy-Backing is when a player exploits another player on their team to get to a higher position or level within the game. Basically not even playing the game and making your teammates do all the work while you lazily sit there. This has become a sort of plague in the online battle royale community with people doing it all the time back in PUBG and Fortnite.

Now, you may be asking how Respawn even knows who have been using this little cheat way to play the game. Respawn keeps track of how many times you pick up a weapon, how many times you take a shot, and how many times you deal any damage. So, if someone has a 0 in all three of those boxes for a decent amount of games, it is fair to say they are piggy-backing. Or they just really suck.

But, since Respawn cares about their fan base and their players, they went to Reddit to state their intentions. They warned players that they will be initiating bans on players who experience this behavior, yet they did not state when they will start executing these bans.

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