No More Chair Shots For AEW?

AEW has made it known that it will bring good old fashioned fun sports entertainment back to the people, yet they may have already found themselves in a sticky situation with that one. In late June during their Fyter Fest event in Daytona Beach, Cody Rhodes suffered an injury at the hands of Shawn Spears via an unprotected chair shot. This is the source of a major problem AEW is facing right now.

Getting caught by the lip of the chair, Cody Rhodes was cut on the back of his head and it required 12 staples to close. Violence to this extent will not be tolerated on TNT‘s “All Elite Wrestlin: Dynamite” each week. Since then, there have been no unprotected chair shots, but there have been some wild and violent spots taken by some wrestlers.  According to the tag-team the Young Bucks, the gash in Cody’s head was caused by a gimmicked chair malfunctioning.  The fault was put on the prop department, the chair shot was tried and due to the injury and failure, it will no longer be used in this manner.

This change immediately following Cody’s head injury, and Cody would go on to the next event to defeat Shawn Spears and earn himself a number one contender match against the AEW champion.

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