No Man’s Sky Is An Adventure

A Truly Fantastic Sci-Fi Experience

No Man Sky's
Property of Hello Games

If you have been paying attention to all the news on video games this year, then you would have definitely heard of the new game “No Man’s Sky.  This game is epic.  Created by indie developers over at Hello Games“No Man’s Sky” has officially revolutionized video gaming.

Hello Games has gone through hell, ranging from multiple lawsuits to their studio flooding, and still brought to us what looks to be one of the most important games in history.  They studio has fought long and hard to get this game out and working.  Although the game is getting mixed reviews the studio is working long and hard to get all the bugs fixed and doing whatever they can to improve upon the game.

NMS Animals
Property of Hello Games

The game has an entirely procedurally generated universe, which means the entire universe was created using an algorithm that creates large amounts of content for a game.  It is said that the game would take over 5 billion years, in real life, to fully explore and has over 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 different planets.  When you discover a planet you have the ability to name, so even if you buy the game in 2032, you still have the ability to name your own planet.

I will not say the gameplay is flawless because game has flaws, but I will say it is fun and epic.  The game, being so large, can get very lonely at times.  Because the universe is so large in the game, it is almost impossible to meet up with another player and is essentially a single player experience.  Although you can’t share your experiences with a friend, it shouldn’t deter you from the game.  The game being so lonely also adds to the effect.  being alone in this game makes you feel vulnerable.  Your vulnerability allows you to calculate how to take on the hostile environments of the planets you encounter and space.

NMS Flight
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As I usually say, I recommend this game highly.  It has the largest world out of any game ever and is extremely enjoyable.  It’s hard to get repetitive and everything is a new experience. Although it starts out slow, once you get going it’s a funny experience. If you can go and buy this game it’s hot off the market.  The game is being improved upon and is not fully finished, but that just shows how amazing this game is if it’s not complete and is still this amazing.