No Future For The Ghostbusters?

Who You Gonna Call When The Reboot Fails

ghostbusters 2016
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You heard that right. The Ghostbusters reboot is not getting a sequel with a source from Sony saying “It’s not going to happen” and “There’s not going to be another film”.

Although previous statements seemed promising of a future for the reboot. Sony is now anticipating a loss of over $100 million for the film’s theatrical run. Even though it has brought in over $182 million worldwide, and costed $144 million, it unfortunately doesn’t meet up with Sony’s estimation of bringing in $300 million and a failed video game and toy line doesn’t help the losses either.
ghostbusters 2016 2
Property of Sony Pictures
“No one knew how crazy it would get. People felt like their childhoods were being tampered with.  It was hard to get filmmakers to become involved with the project in the first place, and now we know why. I guess there are some films that just shouldn’t be touched. There’s a feeling that casting women in the roles may have been a mistake. But no one really knows for sure. The reviews were actually much better than anyone expected.  People just didn’t want to see it.” a source from Sony said. Could this really be the end of the franchise and will this Ghostbusters reboot soon be a Ghost of the franchise? Only the future will tell.