Nintendo Announces MAR10 Day

Nintendo has once again declared it’s own holiday of March 10th as “Mario Day“. So, let’s all get ready to celebrate the savior of the mushroom kingdom and arguably the most famous video game character of all time, Mario Jumpman Mario. And to celebrate this glorious day, Nintendo is offering up some amazing deals.

For the last couple of years, Nintendo has celebrated this holiday and now the company is honoring it’s leading star with an amazing amount of deals and discounts. These deals may include items for the Nintendo Switch like “Super Mario Odyssey“, “Super Mario Party” and “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe“, as well as many more being $20 or more off. Nintendo has also created a bundle pack featuring a Nintendo Switch and a Mario game of your choice for around $330, nearly $30 off the original price.

Nintendo has stated that these deals will be featured in multiple retailed including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more until March 16. Giving everyone enough time to capitalize on their chance to play as the red and blue plumber.

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