News On The Rumors About George R.R. Martin And From Software Collaboration Game

For a while now, rumors have been circulating around about a collaboration between the genius behind the world of “Game of Thrones“, George R.R. Martin, and the developers behind the “Dark Souls” series of games, From Software. Well now we have some information on that game.

Due to a leak on the Bandai Namco website, we have confirmation for 3 new games that will most likely be announced on Sunday at Microsoft‘s press conference for E3 2019. These games include: “Tales Arise” a new game in a long time running JRPG series, a Nintendo Switch version of “Ni no Kuni” and a remastered version, and finally “Elden Ring“.

“Elden Ring” is a fantasy game developed by From Software with the help and guidance of George R.R. Martin. Sure to be announced on Sunday, it makes you question what kind of sadistic world could be thought up by the creators of the dreadful world of “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne“, where everyone dies, and the creator of the hyper realistic world of “Game of Thrones”, where everyone dies.

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