News About “Pokemon: Sword and Shield”

The new and long awaited entry into the unbelievable Pokemon series is here. Sporting a new region and some new mechanics, Nintendo and Game Freak have gone out of their way to create a new experience based off the old experiences you love so much as a Pokemon fan.

Based in the new region of Galor, which is based off the real life version of the United Kingdom, comes a new world full of Pokemon old and new alike. Of course with a new region comes Pokemon that are based off that region like every other game, and so there are. With Pokemon that resemble knights to Pokemon that resemble sheep, this new region is filled with exciting and adorable new Pokemon that you are sure to fall in love with. The new region also has new Legendary Pokemon, both that reflect the name sword and shield, of course. With one being Zamazenta, a big dog with a shield chest, and the other being Zacian, a big dog with a sword in its mouth, think something like “Dark Souls“.

The game will also be introducing new mechanics as well as bringing back some old mechanics that were missed in the previous entry into the Pokemon series. There is news that the game will have co-op, now this is not new to the series. What is new to the series is the extent that the co-op goes. This new entry into the Pokemon series will feature… raids! Online or in person, in these Max Raids battles you and your friends can team up, into a group of four, to battle very strong Pokemon. Your reward for defeating these Pokemon is a chance to win and/or catch a rare Pokemon. Yet these Pokemon will not be just any old Pokemon, no these Pokemon will be Dynamaxed.

Dynamaxing is a new mechanic to enter the Pokemon landscape. This ability allows the trainer of a Pokemon to make them grow very large and very powerful. Along with growing to extreme sizes, Dynamaxing also turns all the Pokemons moves into Z-moves, which makes the Pokemon extremely strong, yet Dynamaxing only lasts 3 turns though so don’t get to ahead of yourself, and only use it when you feel it is right. Or don’t, it is your choice as a trainer. The only problem with Dynamaxing is that you and the raid Pokemon aren’t the only ones who can use it. Gym leaders love to Dynamax their Pokemon.

This Pokemon game also sees the reinstatement of normal trainers and gym leaders, instead of the annoying trials from “Pokemon: Sun and Moon“. The gyms within this game are designed so that gym leaders and trainers within the gym can use whatever they have to use in order to win, such as Dynamax.

This new and interesting entry into the Pokemon game series will be coming to you and everyone in the world on November 15th, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. So not only will you have some new and adorable Pokemon to go catch, but you will also have some new and exciting ways to use them as well as a new and exciting place to use them. For mote information on the games, check out the video below from Pokemon Direct:

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