New Trailer For “Spider-Man Far From Home”

A new trailer for the new Spider-Man film was just released. Still omitting the very important moments, we do now have some clarity on what the events of the film will actually be. While also creating more questions to be answered.

It seems Mysterio is now an Avenger, as seen by the line “welcome to the Avengers”, uttered by Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man. As we know Mysterio is a villain in the comics, it would lead to the question as to whether or not Mysterio is telling the truth. Most people think he isn’t, yet we have seen superhero movies stray from their source material time and again, so until the movie is released it should be safe to say that Mysterio is a hero, at least as of this moment.

In the trailer we also see Peter Parker struggling to live up to what he thinks the expectations of Tony Stark would have been. Not yet realizing that he doesn’t have to live up to these so called “expectations” and should just be the hero he was always meant to be.

The film will release on July 2nd, 2019 and will thus end this phase of the Avengers franchise and the also, simultaneously, starting the new phase where Robert Downey Jr. is no longer involved in the series.

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