New Trailer For “Borderlands 3” At E3 2019

Coming to you, the next edition to the game series that focuses on looting and shooting, or as they like to say “shlooting”, is “Borderlands 3“. Guns, vaults, and psychos, are the three things you gotta remember when you play this game. With new guns, and new vaults, and new psychos, “Borderlands 3” is chaos incarnate.

Featuring the entirety of the Borderlands canon, including Telltale’s “Tales from the Borderlands“, you are introduced to a load of new vault hunter characters to play as, to help Lilith and her gang stop the Calypso twins. Along with these new characters you will also see a lot of familiar faces including the likes of Lilith (from previous installments in the series), Rhys and Fiona (from “Tales from the Borderlands”), and of course everyones favorite wise cracking idiot robot, Claptrap (of course from previous installments in the series, I mean come on it’s Claptrap).

From these new characters you have to choose from comes new and exciting abilities as well. These characters include the likes of: Amara, a “Siren” who can channel “ethereal fists”, Zane, an “Operative” who has multiple gadgets he can use, FL4K, a “Beastmaster” who is also a robot, and my favorite, Moze, a “Gunner” who can summon an iron bear mecha to ride in. A zany new cast of characters that I am sure will fit right in with the other totally insane cast of characters from the previous Borderlands games.

Coming out on September 13th, 2019, Borderlands is set up to be a wild and fun ride from start to finish that you and all your friends can enjoy.

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