New Spider-Man Spinoff Featuring Jared Leto???

First there was Venom, then there was the living vampire. A new teaser from a tweet by Jared Leto shows that they had just finished filming the first week for what seems to be the movie “Morbius”. A new interesting choice for a potential spin off series.

A somewhat not so famous character, Morbius the living vampire, is an interesting choice to make a movie for. It could be a way to promote an underappreciated character or perhaps it’s to try and boost sales for Morbius comics, or and the most likely option… Sony is just trying to get the most they can out of the movie rights they own.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the character Morbius. Being first introduced to me back in 90’s with Spider-Man the Animated Series”. This is where I first learned of the tragic and flawed antihero. Morbius is a man trying to fix what is wrong with him. Differing from other vampires in Marvel comics, in that he is not a supernatural bloodsucker, instead he is man who had a rare blood disorder and attempts to cure it via an experiment with blood bats.

The movie seems like a weird and unusual choice with many other characters being a potentially better option, yet I am really looking forward to seeing this one. Perhaps seeing a somewhat horror styled superhero movie. Jared Leto is also an interesting choice for Morbius, following his version of the Joker that the DC cinematic universe has departed with, hoping he will bring this character to life.

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