New Shazam Trailer Released

What to think about the newest edition to the DC cinematic universe? With all the changes DC is going through in their movie department everyone felt a little skeptical about this movie. This new trailer somewhat put the new and improved DC cinematic universe into a new light. Check it out.

Shazam is a very interesting pick to make a movie. Often to be considered a Superman clone, Shazam, previously known as Captain Marvel , has always been looked over by main stream fans. Yet, I believe this movie may put him into the lime light… if done correctly. Basing all these opinions off the trailers alone, the movie seems to be a fun comical superhero movie, but that’s the problem. The movie doesn’t seem to stick out in an over saturated market of superhero television shows and movies.

The first trailer was criticized at first by fans for being a little to light hearted compared to the dark and edginess of the rest of the DC films at the time. Although, with the release of “Aquaman” and the departure of Ben Affleck, the DC film series seems to changing in many ways. So is this movie going to lay the foundation of the rest of the DC universe, or is it gonna be overshadowed and forgotten. I guess we will find out when the film drops April 5th.

Check out the trailer here!!!

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