New “Mulan” Trailer Release Takes Away The Charm Of The Original

There isn’t much to say about the latest trailer for Disney‘s most recent live-action remake of a beloved animated film at this moment, other than it doesn’t feel anything like the original. “Mulan” is undoubtedly one of Disney’s greatest animated films with an amazing soundtrack and one of the very few Disney films to have a pretty decent, straight to video, sequel. Yet, this feels nothing like that.

The trailer shows the journey of a young warrior woman, which Mulan is, yet it seems to have abandoned all that magic that the magical kingdom is known for. Set to be more realistic and grounded, this new film features no sign of Mushu or a lucky cricket. And most importantly, where are the songs.

There were rumors going around for a long time that the new “Mulan” film would not feature any music, and that is fine in all, except that it isn’t “Mulan” anymore, or even a Disney film for that matter.

I don’t know if Disney is trying to go for a more respectful or serious tone for this movie, but the problem is that now the whole generation that grew up with this film will have no interest in it. From what is seen in the trailer, the action seems great and the fight choreography is decent, but I don’t go to Disney films for the action. I go to Disney films for the songs and whimsy.

Check out the trailer below, and give your feedback:

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