New Aladdin Trailer May Have Changed Everything

Upon first look, the 2019 live-action rendition of “Aladdin” seemed like a cheap cash in on a beloved animated film. Yet, according to many fans, the new trailer dropped might have changed their outlook on the remake. It’s changed from most people finding the movie disgusting to most people being skeptical.

Once the first trailer was dropped the movie was hit with hard backlash. Comparisons between Will Smith‘s and Robin Williams‘ genie were bound to happen, and did they happen. The animation and CGI of Will Smith’s version were immediately criticized for looking like it came from a cheap b-list movie back in the 90’s. Another criticism that was noted upon the first look at the movie, was the costuming. Looking as though they bought all their costume pieces from a local Halloween store, the movie just seemed like no effort was put into it. But, this new trailer may have changed all that.

The second trailer showed that the movie may actually be a quality film, with Will Smith doing his own style of genie and not being a cheesy rip-off of the original version. The movie seems to also hold true to the original film yet with some slight stylistic changes. Will it be the greatest remake Disney is to produce? Probably not, but will it at least be a decent movie? Maybe so. The only way to know is to go out and see it, releasing in theaters May 24th.

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