Netflix Is In Trouble As They Will Be Losing Two Of Their Most Popular Shows

Welcome to the war of the streaming services. With the old larger companies finally coming to the realization that they too can have their own streaming services. Yet, these services come at the cost of other companies, as shown with what is currently happening to the most popular streaming service, Netflix.

With this new race by companies to have the best streaming service, it seems as though every entertainment outlet wants one. This battle started with Disney and their new Disney +, and then a major blow was struck to Netflix with Comcast’s NBCUniversal claiming rights to “The Office“, one of Netflix’s most watched shows, and now Warnermedia is stepping into the ring.

AT&T Warnermedia is releasing their own new streaming service called HBO Max. This streaming service is said to have a great catalog of movies and television shows, some not even related to HBO, like you might think. And it seems as though AT&T have struck the second blow to Netflix, by removing another one of their most popular and often streamed shows… “Friends”.

HBO Max will have the exclusive rights to “Friends” and it will cost AT&T around $85 million per year to keep those rights. Although Disney has their own streaming service, it doesn’t appear to be that large of a threat to Netflix, whereas NBCUniversal and Warnermedia have actually harmed Netflix in some way, or at least will have when the shows are actually removed.

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