My Top 5 Favorite Animated Shorts

Creativity Doesn’t Sit In A Box

Animated shorts are one of my favorite art forms! They cut straight to the point and are filled with passion and imagination. With a short, there are sometimes only 3 minutes to get your vision across and grab the attention of the audience. Aside from that, they usually end up being pretty sweet cartoons! Below is a list of 5 of my favorite animated shorts which some of you (the viewers) may have already seen, but surely some will find something new. Take a look.

#5 The Backwater Gospel

“As long as anyone can remember, the coming of The Undertaker has meant the coming of death. Until one day the grim promise fails and tension builds as the God fearing townsfolk of Backwater wait for someone to die”

The summary above doesn’t even begin to describe the gruesome tale that is Backwater Gospel. Released in 2011, Backwater has been making the rounds to spread the Lords message to any lost soul and that message is… fear. After a homeless man proves to be a “bad apple” in the eyes of the townsfolk occupying a dusty western village, they take matters into their own hands to wash away their sins while drenched in blood. This gospel is one that can’t be missed.

#4 The Cat Piano

I recently wrote an article quickly summarizing this short (click the link here to see) and it is also the first on the list that won a few awards. In The Cat Piano, a lone scat cat tells the audience how his town, known for their talented singers, almost lost its voice. Nick Cave narrates this short with seamless artwork to accompany him on his dark journey.

#3 The Maker

The Maker shows that to tell a story, sometimes no words need to be spoken. Bringing disturbing yet beautiful puppets to life with suspenseful music, this short will leave you wondering “where do they go from here?”

#2 Pinched

Running close to 12 minutes, Pinched feels like it could go on for an hour. Leaving so many questions unanswered, the viewer is dropped into the middle of a story filled with petty theft, love, and voodoo demons with no where to go but forward. The animation is splendid and follows a one of a kind story. If you have not seen it, please take the time and watch it now, you will not be disappointed!

#1 Coda

It wasn’t until recently that I stumbled upon Coda and after leaving me breathless, I was left with one question; what have I done with my life? So many moments lost in time and so many questions left unanswered. Coda follows the events of a mans confrontation with death and brings a simplistic yet powerful message in the form of beautiful visuals and intense storytelling. It has also received a mountain awards and praise with good reasoning, just take a look below.

I hope these short pieces of work will carry on and that this art form will never quit. With so much talent and imagination floating in space, one should be honored to have there tale viewed by millions.