Mothman in Chicago?

Has Mothman returned to warn Chicago of Disaster?

It would seem that Mothman isn’t quite finished with us  yet.  There have been more than 40 sightings of a similar creature, in Chicago, this year alone.  Author and researcher Lon Strickler maintains an interactive Google map of the sightings.  Clicking on a sighting icon will bring up a window with “eyewitness” descriptions and comments.

Strickler is the author of the recently released Mothman Dynasty:Chicago’s Winged Humanoids.  He also maintains Phantoms and Monsters , a blog dedicated to all things unusual. Strickler has stated  that the recent alleged accounts of a creature spotted in Chicago represent the largest cluster of possible Mothman sightings in the 50 years since the Point Pleasant tragedy.

Many of the Chicago sightings claim multiple witnesses who describe the creature as between 6-7 feet tall and having glowing red or yellow eyes, and large wings.  While most witnesses have seen the creature in flight, some have had closer encounters with it.

A woman who chanced upon  the creature in Bolingbrook, a suburb of Chicago, stated that she was able to get within 15 feet of it.  She reported the same intense feeling of foreboding that many eyewitnesses in Point Pleasant, West Virginia had reported. Point Pleasant was the location of a rash of Mothman encounters during 1966-1967, and was the inspiration for The Mothman Prophecies, written by John Keel. (See The Mystery of the Mothman for further details)

In truth, many of the  Chicago sightings bear remarkable similarities to the ones in Point Pleasant.  The Point Pleasant sightings ended with the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967.  For that reason, many have come to believe that seeing the Mothman heralds disaster.  *There are reports of alleged sightings of the creature before several bridge disaster, Chernobyl, and even 9/11.  Whether there is any credence to these is anybody’s guess.  However, the Point Pleasant sightings were too numerous and well-documented to ignore.  And the number of sightings in Chicago, in such a short period of time, leads one to wonder whether they too, are some kind of warning.

The most recent reported sighting in Chicago took place on September 27 of this year.  The witness states she and her boyfriend were in his parked car, talking, when something hit them from behind.  They were confused as to what had happened until the creature landed on the hood of their vehicle and seemed to be trying to get into the car with them.  The witness describes the creature as large, black in color, and humanoid with wings that end in long, tapering, fingers.  Her boyfriend shined a flashlight through the windshield, into the creatures eyes, causing it to screech. The witness reports that the creature then flexed its wings and took off, straight up and out of sight.

Mr. Strickler maintains that he is, and will continue to be, extremely protective of the anonymity of those who report sightings to him.  While this may be comforting to witnesses who fear ridicule if their names are made public, it also impedes independent corroboration of reports, by other investigators and organizations.  Nearly all of this writers online research lead to websites or articles that are somehow connected to Mr. Strickler, or have used him as their authority for articles on the Chicago sightings.

That being said, the map does provide chronological and geographic data for the alleged sightings, which could serve as a starting point for independent researchers.

Google maps shows no reports of sightings more recent than the one on September 27.  Does that mean that the creature has moved on?  Or is it waiting for something?

For the time being, it seems, the only thing we, and Chicago, can do, is watch the skies…and wait.

*You can read more about other sightings here.

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