“Morbius” Trailer Connects Itself To The MCU

Welcome the era of solo villain films, and the next installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe/Sony‘s Shared Spider-verse. “Morbius” is a dark action thriller that shows what one man is willing to go through to help others, yet only learns that he has gone too far by harming himself. Get ready for Jared Leto‘s second outing in the superhero/comic book genre that everyone is preying will be better than his first.

The story revolves around Michael Morbius, a scientist with a very rare blood disease and the determination to help anyone sharing the same fate. By attempting a dangerous scientific experiment, Morbius manages to cure his disorder, but it comes at a cost… His humanity.

Showing a somewhat dark and gritty world in which Morbius lives, and scene that looks like it was ripped right out of the intro from X-Men 2, this trailer reveals enough about the character while leaving those who are not familiar with him wanting more.

The trailer also seems to insert itself into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by adding a connection of Michael Keaton‘s Vulture character, who seems to know about Michael Morbius.

Check out the trailer down below:

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