Mayor Of Knox County, Tennessee Becomes WWE’s 24/7 Champion

What a weird day in politics, when the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee becomes our WWE 24/7 Champion. Glenn Jacobs sure is a tough guy to run for office and then capture himself the “most prestigious” championship in the business (that’s sarcasm by the way).

Formerly known by his ring name, Kane, the brother of the Undertaker, Glenn Jacobs is now serving as mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Although not the first wrestler to become a politician, Glenn is still showing up and participating in WWE programs at some points, especially when they come to his town, as with what happened last night.

Last night on Monday night Raw, we saw the 24/7 change hands once again, this time to an elected U.S. official. Glenn Jacobs invited our champion, R-Truth, around the town for a tour despite the suspicion that Carmella had for the invitation. Glenn managed to pin Truth, using his abilities as a mayor to ordain a local policeman as a referee, after Truth knocked himself out.

But that isn’t all, Truth managed to win his title back later that day after hitching himself to the top of mayor Jacobs’ limousine.

The whole situation was a bunch of ridiculous fun, and this 24/7 Championship thing has turned into one of my favorite segments in WWE right now, especially after hating it when it was first announced.

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