Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” Plot

Set to start pre-production later this summer, Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” will be the third iteration of Batman with a ten year span. Yet, this iteration of the big bad bat will be a new and interesting take on the character.

Set in the 1990’s, this film will be following the story of Bruce Wayne as he starts his career as the dark knight and the vigilante that Gotham needs, we know this already. The new addition to this piece of evidence is that the film will be following the same route and will be loosely based off of the famous DC Comic, “Batman: Year One”.

An amazing story, this comic book details the events that transpired through Batman’s first year as the caped crusader. The comic features the amazing and terrifying “None of you are safe” scene which stands the test of time as one of Batman’s most famous moments.

Matt Reeves’ has even gone on record stating that he absolutely loves “Batman: Year One” and that he is extremely excited to be able to do a film that is somewhat based on one of his favorite comics.

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