Marvel’s Spider-Man Teaser Finally Revealed… And It’s Less Than Exciting

Everyone knows teasers are often hard to do correctly, and Marvel may have just learned that fact for themselves. With their new Spider-Man teaser backfiring in a way that they didn’t expect. It seems that their new Spider-Man teaser, instead of eluding to a potential adaptation of the beloved Sam Raimi films, we are getting a comic mini-series written by JJ Abrams and his son, Henry Abrams.

Now this is not bad news, JJ Abrams is a phenomenal writer and treasure in hollywood at this point, but this news isn’t the news that everyone wanted or was hoping for. Maybe the problem would never have been a problem if they didn’t start at the number four, which created all the hype.

The Sam Raimi Spider-Man films are some of the most treasured superhero films of all time. With the second film often finding its way near the top of best superhero film lists, Raimi helped create the superhero movie genre. Yes, it did exist before then, but there wasn’t many good Marvel ones and those films paved the way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The problem is that most people grew up with those Spider-Man films, and still wish they existed, so to tease them, even if unintentional, it leaves a sour taste in some people’s mouths. But, at least we can bet that this comic book mini series will be pretty damn good. Being written by one of the most celebrated directors in Hollywood and his son, while being drawn by Sara Pichelli, the co-creator of Miles Morales.

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