Marvel’s Plan To Change Professor X And Magneto For The MCU

British actors Patrick Stewart (L) and Ian McKellen pose during a photocall for U.S. director Brett Ratner’s out of competition film “X-Men: The Last Stand” at the 59th Cannes Film Festival May 22, 2006. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Rumors are out and about on the future of the X-Men franchise in cinemas. People are wondering what Marvel and their unbreakable formula for recreation of superheroes will do to the newly acquired mutants of the world. According to Kevin Feige, the X-Men won’t show up in the MCU for a rather long time, so at the moment Marvel is most likely thinking up ways on how to implement them, and according to rumors, separate them from their FOX counterparts.

According to Full Circle Cinema, Marvel may have a plan on changing two of the biggest characters in the entire franchise, as to show that there is no relation to FOX X-Men films. Marvel may either have Magneto, Xavier, or perhaps both portrayed by people of color.

Now, at the moment this may be just a brainstorming idea that is thrown around the table in a Marvel office, so we have no clue as to whether or not it will be implemented when the X-Men finally arrive in the MCU. But it would be a major deviation from the FOX versions of the characters.

Let us know what you think about the potential changes from the FOX X-Men films, and if you have any ideas on how they could implement the X-Men into a world without mutants.

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