Marvel’s Phase 4 Villain???

With “Spiderman: Far From Home” set to end the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s phase 3, people are wondering who the next Thanos style big baddie will be. Now that some of the films for this next phase are in development, it even stresses the fact that the next baddie will have to be a good one to rival what Thanos has done to change the landscape of the MCU in just two years.

Now that Marvel and Disney have confirmed that “Guardians of the Gaaxy Vol. 3“, “The Eternals” and “Black Widow” are in development, we have some insight into what phase four may look like. We may have gotten some hints in “Avengers: Endgame“, but Disney and Marvel have not released any actual information on who their overall villain will be.

Speculation and somethings that Disney executives have said, has led fans to believe there is only one option, and that is the cosmic world eater Galactus. Yet, others are split on this, believing that none other than the first mutant, and king of Atlantis will be the next Avengers fighting villain. Yes, there are theories that Namor the Submariner will be the next villain in the MCU. These speculations and theories rise from the line in Endgame where Okoye is speaking with Black Widow and mentions recent earthquakes under the sea. A throw away line and not anything important right? Wrong. You have to remember the rivalry that Namor and Atlantis have had with Wakanda and their rulers. This would be an interesting story to follow as well. Namor possibly attempting to flood the Earth with only the Avengers in the way to stop him. It could make for a great film, yet I would not compare that to Thanos who has been hyped up since the first Avengers film.

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